Winegar Farms for Sen. Lee

Winegar Farms

5501 Finley Rd

Fruitland, ID 83619


Dear Payette County Neighbor,

I’m Dell Winegar and my family has farmed in Payette County for more than 70 years. We have been associated with the Lee family for that entire time. Farming and ranching are important to our local economy, and I appreciate other people who feel the same way. I wrote to you in 2014 asking you to support Abby Lee for Senator of District 9, and I am proud once again to ask for your continued support in the 2016 primary election.

Senator Lee has come under attack recently by her opponents and I urge you not to believe the misrepresentations and outright lies that have been made by her opponents. She is capable, honest and responsible. Senator Abby Lee kept her word over the past two years, and brought thoughtful, common sense, conservative representation to District 9. She has not engaged in Obama style campaigning, saying things and making promises she knows she can’t keep just to win votes.

Senator Abby Lee worked to resist federal intrusion and regulations on our industry. Her seat on the Senate Agriculture Committee is vital for this work. She has advocated for agriculture and was recognized as a 2015 and 2016 Ag-All Star by the Food Producers of Idaho, an organization comprised of the major food production and processing organizations in Idaho. She fought for our water and helped set up primacy for the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality – not the EPA – on nutrient management rules for our cattle and dairy industry. She also carried legislation to establish the Idaho Department of Agriculture as the primary agency for developing Idaho rules in response to the Food Safety Management Act (FSMA). Senator Lee knows we need to remain proactive in establishing our own standards – resisting more federal regulations – and she is leading the way to create Idaho solutions in agriculture and other areas of our lives.

Her supportive position on agricultural issues and her positive leadership as our Senator is evidenced by the fact that she is supported by not only the Food Producers but also:

The Agriculture and Natural Resources Industry PAC

Idaho Cattle Association Cattle PAC

Idaho Wheat and Barley PAC

Idaho Potato Industry PAC

The Idaho Sugar Beet Growers PAC

Idaho Milk Producers PAC

Amalgamated Sugar

Senator Abby Lee has spent her adult life raising her family and working to improve our local schools and getting involved in local business issues. I’m impressed with Abby’s knowledge of our local economy and the need to support farms and ranches and to protect our water. Im proud to endorse Senator Abby Lee. Join me, and vote for her responsive, thoughtful and conservative leadership on May 17, 2016.



Dell Winegar

Paid Abby Lee for State Senate, Frazer Peterson-Fred Starr, Treasurers