About Abby Lee

Abby Lee is a conservative and a lifelong Republican. As the daughter of a Marine Corps Captain Vietnam veteran and a first-grade teacher, Abby grew up learning the value of hard work and the importance of education.

Abby believes agriculture is our lifeblood and our heritage, and should be protected and supported as critical to our local economies. Responsible development of our natural resources is key to increasing revenue and opportunities. Attracting new business to our area – expanding the tax base not increasing taxes – is the way to increase investments in education to secure the future for our children.

Abby supports our second amendment rights and believes our government needs to be restrained from infringing on personal freedoms and our liberty must be protected.

Abby supports local control of education and has been an advocate and active participant of local public school improvement efforts. As a mother, she knows that our children are our community’s most important natural resource.

While working at Treasure Valley Community College, Abby has been involved in a regional effort to improve career and technical education for students in high school. She believes career and technical education, as well as dual credit college courses offerings, provide a foundation to insure our kids are either job or college ready by the time they graduate from high school.

The government doesn’t create jobs. Businesses create jobs. Abby is committed to supporting efforts to expand opportunities to attract new business and industry in Idaho. A charter member of the Snake River Economic Development Alliance (SREDA), Abby helped in the formation of this tri-county group whose focus is expanding economic development and recruiting new business to our region. She knows District 9 is poised with natural resources, a transportation infrastructure and hard-working people to be a leader in economic development for the state, and we need legislators who will help make this happen.

Abby is the mother of two daughters.

As your neighbor and a Republican, I know the importance of showing up, listening to you, keeping my word and getting the job done. As your state Senator, I will represent you every day. I will stand for our agriculture and rural way of life, promote family values and work for new jobs to improve our economy.


  • Bachelors of Arts, Communication – Brigham Young University, Provo
  • Masters of Science, Instructional & Performance Technology – Boise State University
  • PhD, Public Policy and Administration (in progress) – Boise State University


  • Associate Vice President of College & Public Relations, Treasure Valley Community College
  • Regional Center Director, Eastern Oregon University Malheur County Center
  • Executive Director, Treasure Valley Community College Foundation
  • Director of Public Relations, Pullman Memorial Hospital
  • Community Editor, Idaho Press Tribune Newspaper