Jobs & Natural Resources

The government doesn’t create jobs. Businesses create jobs. Expanding opportunities to attract new business and industry is critical for our region. District 9 is poised with natural resources, a transportation infrastructure and hard-working people to be a leader in economic development for the state. Agriculture is our lifeblood and our heritage, and should be protected and supported as critical to our local economies. Responsible development of our natural resources is key to increasing revenue and opportunities. Attracting new business to our area – expanding the tax base not increasing taxes – is the way to increase investments in education to secure the future for our children.

Quality Education

It’s hard to debate the need for improved education. The choice is whether or not we will include local voices in that debate. I support local control of education and have been an advocate and active participant of local public school improvement efforts. As a mother, I know that our children are our community’s most important natural resource. Improving college and career readiness is the key to charting a new course for Idaho.

States’ Rights & Security

Good jobs and quality education don’t mean much if we don’t have a safe community. I support local law enforcement; like most of the population of District 9 I also support our second amendment rights. I believe our government needs to be restrained from infringing on personal freedoms and our liberty must be protected. The constitutional framework is our guide. Local government – represented by local voices, not federal intrusion – is the best government.

My beliefs:

I am a lifelong Republican and a conservative thinker who believes in the ideals of limited government and the ever-present need to constrain government to its proper roles.

I believe strongly in the importance of ensuring the freedoms of self-determination.

I believe in the critical importance of maintaining a free market economy and while I am not so extreme as to believe in the elimination of all government regulation, I am skeptical of its agendas and resist its expansion.

I believe that our children must be prepared to meet the challenges of the world they are growing into and that we have a duty to provide the means by which they will be prepared.

I believe that an elected official must seek to understand the needs their constituency, be available to hear and respond to their concerns and provide leadership on the difficult issues we face.

If you will support me in this election I commit to you that I will hold fast to these values as your Senator for District 9.